Tuesday, November 22, 2011

meet Danielle of Penelope & Co..

So the other day i had this great idea....to sell my Betsy Jones earrings to this cute lil shop called Penelope & Co that i absolutely love + is conviently (as in dangerously good!) across the road from the Sparky HQ's. So, off i went with some earrings in hand - i marched on over there leaving behind my brain, any sort of plan + not one business card, luckily my earrings come on a business card!. So in i walk...blurt out all this information (@ this point i don't think my brain + mouth were actually connected) and the lovely shop owner...said ' For sure i'd love to sell your earrings in here, i think they'll do well'.

And thats when my brain started to work. So Danielle (Not Penelope as i found out...luckily before i called her Penelope!) not only stocks supa cool gifts and goodies....she is supa cool!!! Totally relaxed and down to earth, its easy to see that she loves what she does and wants our small conservative town to be funk-i-ma-fied with little pressies, accessories + decor that go outside the box!!!!! YipPy!!
Lil miss D, got the idea for the shop when she lived in Victoria, B.C (home of the scrumptious shopping possibilities for those who don't know) and with a bit of help from the Community Futures business program, set up her dream on Main St, Penticton. So where does the name Penelope & Co come from....well who doesn't love that name Penelope...its just so darned cute, warm + friendly - just like her + her shop!!

So if you are in a jam for Christmas presents - definitely take a look in her shop...she seriously has presents for everybodies...even those that are supa hard peeps you hate to buy for !!!

And check out her P & co FB page for the latest + greatest.

On another note.....just a cheeky look at the next 2 hats that are coming to the shop, with another 2 not too far behind (i'm seriously on a roll right now..I made a Mae Jones today that just wasn't quite right...so i pulled it apart - Did some mixing + matching with other fabrics, and will now have 2 different hats that are nearly finished that i absolutely adore !

Bye bye for now

lil jj

Life Lesson 517:: Sometime when you leave your brain behind...good things happen!!

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