Friday, November 25, 2011

ChalkBoard + White

So it had really been bothering me of late....that the Sparky Shop is a bit all over the shop! Each photo shoot i try a get a bit better at this photography thing....but i seem to have a million different looks right now- and they kinda say on the etsy that you should keep you look constant so peeps can recognize your shop easily, i guess like the Golden Arches theory.
And since i moved from my old place the one with the dreamy light grey shed doors...i just haven't found 'IT' i guess. Until the other night i wake up from a deep slumber and i say to myself 'I've got it!'............well if i could have my dream house what would it look like (coz obviously that be a house filled with things that totally inspire me )
Well my dream house would be totally Shabby Chic - vintage white furniture (with totally colourful accessories of course!!) kitschy koo koo bits n' pieces, and chalkboards everywhere.....i'm a list writer, so you'd never lose your list if it was written on the wall!!

I seemed to have scored the bestest mirror on my last fabric hunt, i had the perfect white dress + pearls for the shabby chic...i'll i needed was the chalkboard. So off i go to the hardware shop, only to find that you can now get.....12 colours of Chalkboard paint!!! Freak OUt!!....but thats when you keep it simple right!! So black in hand....the reVamp began

And i'd just like to say...the cost of the revamp was $5 for the mirror, + $8 for the can of for a total of $13.....i'm pretty happy about that. As for the other goodies...already owned em..

So let me know what you think of the new look...and i guess i just gave you a sneeky lil look at the hats that are coming to the shop this week!!! I'm just going to be using some other Top Notch Noggins so that i can concentrate on my 'photography' a bit more!

bye bye for now ::lil jj


  1. It`s perfect! Esp. when it $13 and recycling objects from around the workspace. fThat dress is the Sparky dress for sure - I love the neckline. Wicked hats!

  2. I love the new look - gorgeous! :)