Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas at Bottega

Funny how when one door closes, another one opens. I was totally bummed out when i couldn't make it to the Fabulous Finds Show a couple of weeks ago (due to the 'drama dominos effect'...good way to describe life sometimes!)

Anyhoo..i get this random email from a broad that i did a Show at ages ago at the Streaming Cafe in Kelowna ( i really want to get there for one of their Live Music Shows-they seem to have amazing peeps coming play!) (This was my stand at the Streaming Cafe Show - i'm making some improvements to my display tho!)

Inviting Sparky Jones to be a part of a totally rad Christmas Show, but not at the a 'OH my GOODNESS' kinda venue. I keep having a look the the Bottega Website....because its just so dreamy + eco!
Check out their FaceBook events page to get the total scoop on the Show....But what i love about this its going to be pretty awesome, music, splendiferous arts + craft...but its all really about helping peeps in need !! To participate in the show, you had to make a $50 donation to the FoodBank, and then proceeds from the show will be donated as well!!!
Here's a great shot of the venue too!!! I just can't WAIT!!!!

Bye bye for now::: Lil jj.

ps-i have 3 different hats coming to the shop this week!!!!

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  1. It'll be cool to see you at the event - looking forward to checking out those new lids...