Monday, August 26, 2013

10 months

Well this lil person is now 10 months!! I had planned to take a different snapshot of her, perhaps in a cute lil retro outfit:: giggle - but I just fell in love with this photo.  Morning, jammies, fall/autumn sunshine and that fabulous blonde swirly whirly (yet very light on!) hair.  Such a curious stage of life too, makes you take wonderment in all the tiny things + how much you actually learn in this short life of ours.  Anyways, she has changed so much in just a month...she is now pulling herself up on everything, a moving maniac + the word 'mum' sometimes stuck on repeat (which was cute at first!).  She is becoming more of a unique character everyday which is the coolest thing to see as a parent (you just don't know what you are going to end up with do you ::giggle)
So my Mumma + Pappa arrive on thursday from Australia, so i'll be trying my hardest to keep up with the adventure, but 3 weeks can go awfully fast, so i'm promising to do my best.  But be sure to check back this week as i'll be posting my first Indie-Preneur interview!

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