Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Day - Big Grin

Okay my weekend project is still in production mode! ~ all cut out, pintucks sewn + ironed...looking pretty darned good so far! Can't wait to get really stuck into it tomorrow!!(got a couple of other things burning in my mind that I want to get started, like NOW:: giggle)
Anyways, life is always happy when the Mr brings home a pizza sized Apple, Raspberry + Rhubarb Galette from Joy Road Catering plus vanilla icecream (i'm still working on that one too, although I have made better progress on the galette than the project ~ whoops!) but I have to say today things got even better ~ I found something I've been looking for + wanted for a long time!!!
Over the last week I have been visiting some bookeepers + accountants for my businessing needs..and today I have found the number nerd for moi, and this makes me so so so happy. She's a bigtime professional .....but supa funny, really down to earth + what I love about her most, she is 200% passionate about her job - she loves numbers so much I think she could even gobble them up. Most numbering peeps lose me at 'hello', after that i'm daydreaming about fabrics, hat ideas + delectable notions ~ but this one, we talked numbers, spreadsheets, accounting software, business goals, taxes and on + on...and by the end of it, I was pumped with a big grin ready to take on the world with my new love of numbers.
So was I glad that I put in the time to secretly interview numbering folks for a future relationship ~ like only a crazy woman would...yep, you bet ya.  I don't feel completely overwhelmed, I feel excited + I will now have someone in my backpocket to help me when I need it and is as passionate about my business as I am.  Onward + upwards my friends...

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