Friday, August 16, 2013

This weekend.

Well my Mumma + Pappa will be coming for a visit soon ...and it just so happens that Mumma's birthday is fast approaching too ~ so i'm really needing to get busy on her birthday projects!  She is turning a fantastical number, so I figure this pressie has to be just as special.
I found the perfect pattern in a scrumptious fabric shoppe, way back when we were in Australia (I could have bought the shop out, but lucky the Mr. was there to remind me of how much i already own + love + have at my fingertips)..... but alas, like a true addict I really did need the right fabric to make this project just so ::giggle
And I happened upon the bestest lil rustic gardener combination at my local fabric store (I hardly ever buy brand spanking new fabrics, I prefer to use vintage or preloved fibres with built-in character.... so it was a bit of a rare nice-ity).  A  quality cotton polkadot in neutrals, and  a delectable linen looking fabric that is actually a fibre called Ramie (which is made from a flowering perennial th native to Eastern Asia +  is one of the worlds oldest fibre crops, like 6000 years old ~ interesting fact!)
So this weekend, I shall be snipping + stitching....hoping to get it finished, a few snapshots taken, wrapped and ready to go.

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