Saturday, August 24, 2013


Okay so i've been charting + darting between 3 different Bank Businessing accounts....analyzing, researching and charting all the associated fees :: there are A LOT! So really it was getting starting to get..... not so fun, and really hard to get all the tiny bits of information into one chart!!  Then I realized, who the hell out there is going to care about the price of 'receiving an e-transfer' (other than moi!) so I thought instead of a boring chart, i'd give you a quick summary of what I learned over the last few days::

- It all comes down to transactions transactions transactions!  .  If you can roughly estimate how many you would make in a month...then go from there (made me realize how few transactions I actually do ~ with having most of my sales through Etsy/Paypal or cash sales through markets/shows)
- Start with the most basic of accounts (I was definitely in the wrong account for me) + work your way up
- everything tiny thing costs you a buck or 2 ~ so cut corners where you can, go paperless, do most everything online, read that boring fine print.
- I always thought most Banks would offer much the same service + fees, but they vary SO take a bit of time to make a boring bank chart....and the picture becomes pretty clear ::giggle
- credit unions seem to be pretty awesome

So... my Bank is okay ~ I could do better.  I love that the ladies there know my name, but I could be saving a touch more monies if I swapped a)accounts or b) to a credit union.

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