Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Organized Me.

the ol' shipping envelopes ingredients paper eyelets Paper eyelets January income + expense Stacked paper dots Well I figure, if I make things fun, then i'm more likely to do it! This is a project that i've been thinking about for a while...My cute organized Businessing 'income + expense' binder. I'm currently sans binder, as.. do you know how hard it is to find a recycled binder in Canada! I just can't seem to put all my hardwork in a plastic vinyl piece of throw away junk (feel free to email moi if you have a source)
So anyways I've made a start + its perfect timing as the month of August (starting today) is going to be about...
the financials!
About this cute organized Businessing Binder project ::
Well after rummaging through most of my boxes, I found I had an abundant supply of ol shipping + office supplies - so instead of throwing them away + consuming more ~ I got creative! 
The ingredients needed for the job :: 
~ 12 cream coloured file folders - one for each ,month. Bank statements, visa bills, gas mileage sheet, monthly business journal + all other top secret snippets can be hole punched and kept here
~  24 shipping envelopes - 2 for each month, 1 for income + 1 for expenses, all receipts can be filed here in an organized fashion with small clips
~ washi tape....I just really  wanted some + turned out to be the best thing for colour coding
~  my new toy :: a create your own text stamp (love!)
~  geeky cute paper eyelet stickers.
~  one recycled 2" thick binder (to come)
lovely snapshots ::
1.  A stack of my ol' shipping envelopes
2.  All the yummy ingredients used 
3.  Paper eyelets
4.  Shipping envelopes are all binder ready, with 3 punched holes + sturdied up with eyelets
5.  Closer look at my favourite month - january
6.  Washi tape + colour coding
7.  12 months of folders all stacked up ready to go
8.  The theraputic aftermath of hole punching..

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