Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yes Ma'am i'm all finished up...both the pizza sized Galette + my Special Project, :: the Gathering Apron by Sew Liberated.  Made me realized how little sewing I do other than Sparky Jones, so its funny to follow someone elses pattern/rules ~ although a good way to learn other techniques, tips + tricks.  Whats really great about this company is they have video tutorials for the patterns, like who can ever understand a written pattern fully anyways :: not me !! giggle. 
It really is a beautiful apron both on the frontside + backside/lining, I did use top notch fabrics, so it turned out just as delightful, although next time around i'd probably change a couple of ways of doing things so it wouldn't be as fiddly to make ~  ie, stiffer fabric (Ramie is beautifully soft, unironed looking like linen, but quite floppsy), sewing the straps in a different manner + no lining the front pocket.  I have blues in mind for the next one!!
(A big Thanks to my model Miss Lottie Van Jones )
I have a couple more things to make for this birthday package, so i'll show you everything when i'm done!
And onto this weeks lovely assignment ::  The Banks!
I love my Bank, I really do ~ however, I've always wondered if they were the right ones to be doing my businessing with, I have been with them forever with my personal stuff, so it was all to simple to do Sparky with them too.
So i'm just going to investigate + compare 2 other Banks with mine, just to see what else is out there + if i'm in the right place for me.  A lot of monies goes to them over the course of a year, so its good to be financial aware....which is conveniently on my list!!  I'll be posting the results on Friday/Tomorrow  - yippy yo yo its off to the Banks we go ::giggle!

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