Monday, July 8, 2013

July :: lets get organized

Organised Chaos
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Yippy i'm so excited for the month of July!  Getting organized is the #1 thing on my list...and instead of looking at it as a chore (this task does not come naturally to moi!) I'm finding ways to make it fun!!
Now having a Mr that works outta town, a lil babe, 2 big dogs in a small house has really made me change my attitude to being organized too.  If I put my mind to can run like a well oiled machine, everything is smooth, everybody is happy + I get to bed early!(this is key!)  Now if I have my lazy pants on....well...its not pretty ~ everybody ends up crying, even the dogs, my house + brain look like the photo, its 11pm and the thought of doing it again tomorrow is frightening.
So the thing is, a lil effort  everyday goes a long way, both in your personal + business life
First up, a good purge(of stuff!) is in order.   Honestly its great for the soul + gets you on a good roll.  I've already started in my clothing department, i'm in the process of going through all my business stuff, and I now leave a tote bag by the back door, so that when I come across items that are of no use to me....they go in the tote, which is then dropped off at a local charitable cause.

a decluttered environment = a decluttered brain :)
Secondly paperwork......grrrrr...I mean 'yeah I love paperwork'.  This month, i'll be looking into different ways on how to get organized with the paper stuff :: Business Plans, organizer sheets + a cute lil project to help you get on your way.

ps :: I'll be doing my first Indie-preneur interview later in the Month!! Inspiring folks to say the least!!

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