Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wardrobe Malfunction

wardrobe malfunction Its funny how when something weighs on your mind, the answer will come in the most basic of ways. Like your wardrobe collapsing under the weight of consumerism!!
I definitely got  a bee in my bonnet after the Bangladesh sweatshop crisis ~ I couldn't stop thinking about it, all those people lost their lives, just so I could wear my $8 tshirt for one season + then throw it away.  After much thought, I realized that every person on the planet should be entitled to work to feed there family... just like me, I'm just against inhumane + unethical working conditions, i'm against fast fashion (awesome interview + book on the topic) and i'm against quantity over quality.
Now back that my wardrobe of mine, there was so much in there that I simply didn't wear ~ I always stick to my favourites, I always keeps those clothes that maybe don't fit right but will one day for some strange reason? and I always keep clothes that have some sort of emotional attachment (like so + so gave it to me or this happened when I was wearing that) But when you get a wardrobe malfunction such as this ~ it means it time!!.
I'm bagging up all those clothes that might become someone elses favourites, and what am I going to put in there???  Only a few items that I really + truely love, that have been made with heart, hands + coffee breaks....and a couple of preloved goodies too!!

ps:: That is the first Busy Jones I made ever made!! She makes me very happy + proud.

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