Friday, July 26, 2013

The Clipboard.

The clipboard The Clipboard The Clipboard What a Fabulous Finding :: 3 preloved clipboards! There are so many scrumptious ideas out there for using Clipboards + organizing...that I really need to just settle on one for now!
Anyways today I thought I would share a funny story of mine about the use of a Clipboard::
I know a chap, he is hilariously cheeky but to see him, you would think he is a serious grown up. He wears a suit + tie and is very high up on the food chain for a big big company. We were chatting about work + life one day, he told me that I work too hard, and if he could give me one tip in was to get a clipboard. He informed me that if you have a clipboard, walk with a mission + have a perplexed look on your face ~ even if its too the lunchroom, washroom or to no where specific....people will think that you are busy, very busy and therefore very important! Thus i'm very fond of the Clipboard :: giggle.

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