Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday drive

Its been so so hot, so our Sunday Drive (which we decided to do on Saturday!) had to include water.  So we headed to a beach/lake just outta town - ended up being the perfect place, not too many peeps, shady trees, and grass to set up shop ( I love sand in my toes, but little people, eating + sand don't go together so well).  What was also pretty spectacular was the ocean of water lilies on part of the waters edge ~ perfect for foolin around with my camera. Infact a bride + her entourage showed up to take their wedding photos in a row boat amongst the thought it would be best to put the camera away, as I didn't want to come across as a random crazy stalker. 
Anyways was a special day for us, as our lil baby Bea turned 9 months old, so really she is double her age, if that makes sense.  Funny how the 9 months in your belly  seems to take forever.  Well I have to say she is a pretty good little friend to have ~ she is a crazy talker + dancer, but quiet in a crowd, loves to eat anything/everything + is completely obcessed with her tongue, think we'll keep this one :: giggle.
1.   the ocean of Water Lilies
2.   leathery leaves + elegant flowers
3.   Families, beach towels + flip flops against the the lovely scenery of emerald lake water and     orchards.
4.   New bathing suit
5.  lots of swimming with Daddio
6.  The drive home, we passed by fields + fields of  pretty pink Echinacea
7.  Quick tub time before bed

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