Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot date with the..bookwork

photo :: Beca Runs
Already 1/2 way through July, and we still have lots of exciting stuff to get through!! So since we are still in the month of Organization, I thought it might be a good idea to twinkle our toes into the bookwork side of things + that way we'll be organized for next months topic ~ the #numbers#!
Now an itty bit of important information is...there is so much help out there in the universe that is FREE or splendidly affordable :: google search being your best place to start!
So lets talk about accounting software ~ truthfully, i've always been quite retro in this department, like I'm in love with pencils, paper + erasers, but I guess thats because i'm such a tactile sorta person. Unfortunately ~  i'm being left in the dust + creating more work for myself than need its time to move on + get with the program. Learning something new is on the list :: so me,the computer + accounting software are going to be have some hot dates for the next lil while. You don't actually need the best of the best when starting out - you just need to learn the ropes, so there are free options like Wave accounting, Gnucash, or  there are nifty sites like Quickbooks Online and Stitch labs depending on your budget.


Spending a little time to research what might work for you + your situation, is the best idea ~ then knuckle down, coffee in one hand, papers/receipts in the other (I might keep my pencil behind my ear, just in case)...and go for it

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