Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The B.Plan

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Okay, its time to start typing up a Business Plan!

Yep we need to jot all those fantabulous ideas down so the whole thing makes sense, and we have something to look at in times of need, going to see those bank folk + to keep us on target (a plan is kind of like your hard tasking boss)
The first plan I wrote was ages ago + 35 pages long (yikes). Did I look at it?? once or twice, did I use it? Nope! Now that I look back at it, it was totally unrealistic + a bit of a pipedream. But thats the  one advantage about can learn a lot. Nowadays, plans seem to be more relaxed, short + too the point, 10 - 15 pages, information in bullet format ~ which I think is going to work very well for moi!

I'm kind of excited to write my plan again, as a lot has changed ~ I have always been stubbornly independant (ie; I've always done what I wanted to do, when I wanted...borderline selfish ::giggle!), but now that I have a family, the plan is going to have to be 150% realistic + i'm probably going to need help! The biggest lesson that I have learned in Biz:: you can't actually do it all yourself.  You really need peeps...they can keep you motivated, give you amazing ideas (or know other people that might) + they're probably way better at certain tasks than you.  Everyone of us has a special talent!!

So using my rule of 3's, i've found 3 spectacular resources to help us write the Bestest B.Plan Ever or BBPE ::

1. Okay i'm not working on commission but Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco is awesome, its like a encyclopedia of crafty goodness jam packed into a tiny blue book (definitely my go to book)...she has a couple more books i'm drooling over too.
2.  The Wonder Thinking Business Plan-o-Rama workbook....a free + fun downloadable workbook, which I have just printed off for myself!
3.  Design a wonderful place to get lost in - and has a rather good section called Biz Ladies, which has a wealth of businessing information.
So i'll be working away at my snazzy new BBPE throughout the next couple of months, i'm sure i'll be changing a few things on it here + there, as the next few months we'll be learning a tonne of good stuff.

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