Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the new do

As i'm in the mood for sprucing things up ~ thought I should get a new + improved do too. I had contemplated chopping it all off, as there is a lil monkey in my life that likes to hang off my hair (i'm pretty sure I have a couple of bald spots from my locks being wrenched out!)...but I like having long hair too much. And we are also heading into summer, so its good to have some options of wearing it up or down :: so I got some new 'totally loving them' heavy bangs!  Such an easy cut to care for too, twist + go, and sometimes a lil zip zip on the front with the straightener.
I got the giggles the other day at how much haircuts can be compared with your own life (shallow but true)::
+ Your hair changes over time(especially with pregnancy + mummyhood hormones) - adapt + move on, quit trying to do the same things as in your 20's
+ Same haircut all your life (kinda like me) - you need to take a risk! who cares if you mess up, wear a hat + try something else next time
+ bad haircut - okay you made a huge mistake, but your hair + you will grow.
+ good haircut - are like a best friend, they always make you look + feel good.
+ highlights/perm - are like ex boyfriends...seemed like a good idea at the time, and they take forever to go away.
So I'm hoping to take a few more risks in the future ;)

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