Friday, February 10, 2012

7 + 8 = awesome!!!

Here we go....DAY 7 is a supa cutie hat that everyone loved.. 'Hunter Greys'. A very yummy grey tweedie number in a size medium - adorned with an appliqued corduroy cross, lil button and loads of character!!! He is just a perfect accessory coz you can totally dress him up or down...come to think of it...what a great travelling companion!!( for moi, travelling hair - ain't pretty!!)
and what about DAY 8 ::: Betsy Jones earrings are back finally!!! They are in the Sparky etsy shop for good YipPy!!! - and for a supa deal in the Sparky Bigcartel shop!!

Now that whole experience was an awesome Businessing learning lesson!! I had ordered buttons from my usual company and waited waited waited...nothing - they never arrived!! Apparently they wouldn't be getting them in for another 3 MONTHS!! Hello might want to tell your customers that a bit sooner!!! So the hunt was on for another supplier. And thanks goodness for friends in the crafty community.

The moral of the story is:: in business always have a back up plan/supplier and order well ahead of time !! (my new system is to divide goodies in half, so when you have gone thru the first half..TIME TO ORDER MORE!!) - i mean i probably could do that sorta stuff on the computer but that really ain't my style :: giggle!!

bye bye for now :: lil jj

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