Saturday, February 11, 2012

take a Tour... on DAY 10

How fabulous is the colour CITRON !! Mmmm i love that its so so vibrant and so fresh you can almost taste it (and very spring like....come on spring come to mama - imma ready for you !!!). And another thing i am totally ready for is a good bike ride - to get the heart rate up, the legs a pumpin and the fresh air into my stale wintery brain cells. I've been trying to ride Nelly (my old fashioned cruiser, in none other than my favourite colour of course - to the HQ's but skinny tires and icey roads have proven not to be a good combination). So instead i simply must drive my beau's nice clean + um fancy to me vehicle whilst he's away....YiPpy !!! My car is currently called the death trap or scrap metal - but thats another story!! So back to the hat.....'Tour de Paris'...inspired by...i'll give you a clue...tour de .....rhymes with pants....yeppers you got it FRANCE!! I had been wanting to make a biking looking hat for a while, so all i needed was the perfect colour that evoked energy + adrenalin, a racing stripe of course and a touch of kitsch to give it the Sparky flare....and voila!!
righto better go..its saturday night and i have a hot date with my PJ's!! enjoy your relaxing sunday everybodies!!
bye bye for now ::: lil jj

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