Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big day for the Okanagan

Holy diner was there ever a buzz around the Okanagan today!! well probably all over BC, infact probably all over Canada!! Everybody's excited and tuned in the the 'Ellen Show' @ 11 am. I had to scoot over my my besties to watch (we don't have a TV which is great is so many ways, and makes it a supa big thing to watch the vision box on special occasions)
You see this crazy loveable kid we know, 8 years back had the most terrible accident doing what he loved, and as a result, is now a paraplegic. But he is one of those rare few people who chose to shine and achieve much goodness + greatness after such adversity. So watch the link below, and you'll understand what i mean!!

Vernon Morning Star - Vernon Paralympian Josh Dueck to appear on Ellen show

and meet the juicy lil character DAY14:: Bubblegum + Mint
A quick snap shot of my morning!! Goodmorning sunshine i love what you do to me::giggle!!
bye bye for now ::lil jj

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