Thursday, February 23, 2012


Okay so i have been posting Sparky goodies everyday in the Sparky BigCartel shop...of which there is only.....6 days left!! Yikes!

anyways, i've been totally obsessed with watching 'Dexter' right i just keep going..oh just one more episode, one more episode, just one more....and then lil jj is too sleepy to write a coherant blogpost: giggle!! Its weird coz the show kinda irritates me - like seriously its about a serial killer that knocks off the bad guys and gets away with it, and its graphic blood and guts and everything i can't stand.....and thats why i keep having to watch it!!! ahhhhhhhh

So have a look to the righthand side of this page, where is says....Sparky Jones @ BigCartel, click on that link...and then TA DA you can see all the new delicious characters i have added!!

Yes thats called cheating...but i call it inventive!!!
goodnight ya'll...just have to watch one more episode before bed.....
You guys like that with any shows??

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