Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a day for the loved!!

Ahhhh Valentines day - not just a day for couples i say!! A day for the LOVED!! and lucky for each + everyone of us...thats applicable (i mean it could be your dog, your neighbour, your kid, even your bank/creditors - something out there loves you and thats GREAT so lets eat chocolate!!!)
So before my beau went away - he stocked me up with some V day goodies.....i think there are some crumbs left at the bottom of the box as of today....i couldn't help myself, they were calling my name - it was torture...and hells chocolate taste great with your morning coffee what can i say!!
So what did i do on this international day of being loved..well i bought some totally vintage fabric which i think i should totally make old fashion hankies out of ! Ate some chocolate, read a Martha magazine ( note:: this addition has great recipes and good crafty stuff), got myself a burger, and me and the dogs watched a chick flick!!!! A totally romantic night although it was sans beau!
And hey have a look at Day 13!!! Ain't they both loveable!!

Righto thanks everybodies for sending some comments and thoughts...its been a great help + thought provoking!!! thumbs up to you guys!!!

happy v day!!

bye bye for now :: lil jj

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