Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sparky goodness

All in the name::
So Sparky Jones is like my sparky alter ego (which i'm pretty sure lies within most of us, especially the creative peeps!) So when i get fired up about out - i turn into this little firecracker, i gear it up to mission mode + i don't stop 'Sparkying' until i'm done......and in the end getting into this sparky-crazed zone/coma...usually helps me to achieve much goodness!!!!
So what got me all fired up this time??
Well i went to post a package of 3 earrings (currently available here) and with the cost of the shipping....well i'd be making a $2 profit...which infact wouldn't even able me to put that money back into making some more earrings. So what was my response??? 'You've got to be kidding!' i snatched my package up and started busying on making a bomb proof box of perfect dimensions ! So when i was finished, i marched back down to the P.O and when i got to the counter.....'all i want to this going to fit through the magic slot'(the magic slot are these dimensions that are the bain of most online sellers exsistance!) She slid it through no problems....and i think we both cheered and i walked out as one happy camper - maybe even skipping!!
But the funny thing make this most perfect box..i actually pulled out my Art school supplies and had a blast. So i think this perfect package of goodies will be going into my new Spring Collection!! But i think i might post some here as a special treat for DAY 16 +DAY 17.....yeppers they might be a few extra bucks than the other ones....but you get a classy lil handmade by moi box....and free shipping. This package would be the perfect lil gift or back-up pressie for the friend/sista that has everything!!

bye bye for now ::lil jj

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