Saturday, February 4, 2012


Lettuce ... have some fun this month!!! (that is a joke my beau would have made lamo its funny!!) I'm having a complete blast with my new BigCartel shop, for some reason it just feels like a whole lotta fun and its given me an exciting mission for the whole MONTH!
So today i posted ' Iceberg + Lettuce' in the SHOP......she is supa healthy and quite delicious as she is made up of leafy greens, an Iceberg lettuce button + 'pure as the driven snow' iceberg white zip to keep it in the theme!!
I have a few more photos of her HERE if you'd like to have look.
And might i just tell you guys...the birthday week is still going strong!! My beau through me a bit of a suprise party!! yeppers we were going out for a 'romantic eating dinner whilst watching a musician' night.....and we get there and all of my favourite peeps are sitting at my table!!! So a great night filled with friends music, giggles + daffodils. The musician was a complete stoner, but that kinda made the night even funnier + better in a way!!
bye bye for now ::: lil jj

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  1. Awww, how gorgeous! Now *that* sounds like a cool birthday ... stoner or not, heh :P