Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Little Euca'

ahhh 'Little Euca', a little wallet named after the splendiferous Eucalyptus...or more commonly known as the australian gum tree!!! Funny how every time i go home to Australia, thats the thing i notice most is the trees, where as peeps there probably don't even look twice at em'!
Guess you appreciate things a lot more when you don't have em right!!!
anyways do be sure to check out the Sparky BigCartel shop, as it will only be open for the month of february!!! (i just wanted to open like a POP UP Store that had awesome little goodies for a pretty nice price! - might do it again, its kinda fun!)

Anyways make sure you visit my blog tomorrow...there is going to be some NEWS and updates and gossip and i want you to leave some comments!!! okay!!
bye bye for now :: lil jj

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